About Us

Contributing Members

Contributing Members have in common a sense of responsibility for doing all they can to create a society that benefits everyone. 


Robert O. Leaver has dedicated his life to helping people become integrated.

Margaret S. Arndt has dedicated her life to evolving our consciousness and co-creating a better world.


John G. Root Jr has dedicated his life to an understanding of money. 


Together we believe that personal integration and implementing the social technologies of Sociocracy and the Common Good Payment System will result in integrated communities of integrated people.

Why TenSyllables?


Because it is a much catchier title and easier to remember than Trans-for-ma-tion of Civ-il-i-za-tion (which is ten syllables)


It just so happens that caterpillar, chrysalis and butterfly are also ten syllables.  The process that takes place in the chrysalis that transforms the caterpillar into the butterfly is similar to what we need to do to take us from the rapacious caterpillar that destroys what it feeds on and the beautiful butterfly that lives lightly and delights us.