Our Programs


Introductory Talk, 7 - 9:30 at your church, or one near you.

A Deeper Dive:  Weekend Seminar, Friday Evening, All day Saturday and Sunday Afternoon.

Weekly Meeting, 2 1/2 hours once a week building the organization.

Ongoing training in Personal Integration, Sociocracy, Common Good and Community Integration.



In this 2 1/2 hour evening event, Robert Leaver and John Root present their understanding of the dire situation we are in and describe their recommendations for Personal Integration (becoming intentional) and for Community Integration (creating the better world)



Friday Evening we get to know each other and what we each want.  Saturday we look at why we need to become Integrated and Intentional and why both governing ourselves Sociocratically and implementing the Common Good are the means that give us a society to benefit everyone.  On Sunday afternoon those who want to commit to building an integrated community where we live.

Community Building


In the weekly meeting we delve into all the questions that arise around personal integration and community integration and as a result we gradually build a sociocratically governed and Common Good funded organization that becomes the integrated community of integrated individuals capable of creating the society to benefit everyone.