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Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness


Why is there such a huge discrepancy between the world-we-know-in-our-hearts-is-possible and the world in which we suffer today? The better-world-we-know-in-our-hearts-is-possible is based on our experience of recognizing the social injustice all around us. We know what a socially just and environmentally sustainable society and economy would look like and therefore we support various not-for-profits and political policies that we believe would move society in the right direction. But these efforts do not bring about the paradigm shift that we know is necessary to right the world.

Is there a way of understanding why the world is the way it is that is comprehensive enough that if we understood it, we would be able to devise a strategy to create the better-world-we-know-in-our- hearts-is-possible?

Fortunately for us, there is such an explanation. However, the explanation is so amazing and reveals the depth of the deception that is being foisted on us, that it is hard to take in. Essentially it is simple: The world is not run by human beings like us. In other words, if we, the people we know and associate with, were in charge we would create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society and economy.

If we, the people we know and associate with, were in charge, we would realize that our rights are what unite us and that the privileges divide us. We could all agree that everyone has the unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It would become obvious to us that to secure our right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, everyone would need to receive the money they need to live so that they would be at Liberty to Pursue Happiness. This is, of course, only possible if we, the people we know and associate with, were in charge. Because, if we really were in charge, we would have the power to issue the money and regulate the money supply to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society and economy. We would issue the money to right the world. This is because issuing the money is the primary tool that the sovereign uses to create the conditions in which we live. What money is made available for is the primary determinant of how the world is organized, what ideals are being implemented and how satisfying our lives are.

With this in mind, we can ask the question: Who is issuing the money and what is it being issued for? The answers tell us why money is scarce and is only available for the things that make the world as it is rather than the way we know it could be.

All the money in the world is being issued by banks for their benefit. All the legal tender we use to trade with each other is issued as interest-bearing debt to the banking system. Money is therefore only issued for things that the banks are confident will be profitable for them. The interest on the loans is automatically and systemically, transferring the wealth we all create together from those of us who pay more interest than we receive to those who receive more interest than they pay. The idea that the world is a result of our flawed human nature is a deception perpetrated by the hidden sovereign, the owners of the banking system, who are not like us. They have arranged things so that you have to work to earn money in order to live. The culture is organized so that you want to earn and save enough money so that you don’t have to work, instead, your money can work for you. If the banking system is benefitting you a little bit, you are willing to tolerate it, even though you know it is hugely benefitting the hidden owners. In fact, when you look at the Forbes 400 richest billionaires you don’t find the richest trillionaire bankers listed. Where are the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers on the list? What about the rest of the banking families that own the central banks of the world? If you had trillions of dollars at your disposal, you would also be able to assure your anonymity. And you would be able to organize the world to keep the banking secret. There is a very good animated video about banking by Paul Grignon called Money as Debt 2, Promises Unleashed which explains in detail what the problem with banking is.

The owners of the banking system are not like us because they are willing to make us all debt and wage slaves. This is not something that we, the people we know and associate with, would be willing to do. To appreciate the magnitude of the deception, just consider for a moment what motivates you, what makes you truly happy. You are like everyone else, who is not a sociopath; you want to make your life count for something. You want to make the world a better place for your having been a part of it. There are three things that make us happy: The transcendent purpose that we have dedicated our life to or want to; the desire to do it autonomously; and the opportunity to develop our skills to do it increasingly well. Money is only motivating when there is not enough of it. If the money you have available secures your physical needs, your safety needs, and your belonging needs, then you concentrate on your esteem and self-actualization needs. The wonderful animated lecture by Dan Pink called Drive describes the social science research behind this insight. This is why the deception that you have to earn your living and that the money can work for you is so debilitating. We are being denied our humanity.

Since it is obvious that protesting what we don’t like and engaging in politics does not bring about the big changes we need,( i.e. the shift in the paradigm that would restore our humanity to us and right the world), we will need to follow the advice of Buckminster Fuller and create a new system that obviates the old one. We can do this because the social technology needed to do this is readily available and accessible. First, there is Community-Created Credit. The best example being the Common Good Payment System, which is a comprehensive payment system that allows us to issue and allocate money to accomplish what we all agree would be good. Second, there is Sociocracy, a governance system based on we, the people we know and associate with, in which every voice matters, everyone (except the sociopaths) is included, and all decisions are made by the people responsible for implementing them. Sociocracy is best represented by Sociocracy for All. Implementing Sociocracy and Community-Created-Credit requires inspiring the people and businesses in your town or neighborhood to participate. The reward is local sovereignty, i.e. the power to issue and allocate money to accomplish what the participants agree would be good. Common Good Communities governed sociocratically will cooperate with each other with the aim of creating a society to benefit everyone. A society with the power to right the world is possible because it can issue and allocate the money needed to secure our inalienable rights!

Check out the websites JustAbundance.org, SociocracyForAll.org, CommonGood.earth and CreditToThePeople.org

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