Do-Gooders and

Hell Raisers

“Context dictates content. When we don’t choose to create our own context, we are controlled by the content of the prevailing context. If you wish to change your world, draw back from the existing context and create your own context.”

Oliver Leaver


"Without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness, a more humane society will not emerge."

Vaclav Havel


Are you ready to stop protesting what you oppose and start creating what you want?


Join us for an evening of discussion about how we are creating a new context of cooperation, inclusion, and love to replace the existing system of competition, exclusion, and omnicide.


This introductory meeting will be conducted sociocratically by the founders of Ten Syllables, Robert Oliver Leaver, former international banker, mental health clinic director, and secondary school headmaster, and John G Root Jr, monetary reformer and author.

We are so radical we are sane!


Day of Wk, Month, Day, Year  7:30 to 9:00


Your Church Near You

Main Street,

Your Town, YS  00000


Look for the signs to the meeting room


For more information and other dates of meetings please visit:

The ten syllables are:  Cat-er-pil-ler, Chrys-al-lis, But-ter-fly or Trans-for-ma-tion of Civ-il-iz-a-tion